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Answers Network

As early as 2009, Omada Digital was exploring the world of mobile applications with the Answers Network. With the launch of Cool Apps Man, we began learning how apps would change everything.

7 years later, it’s safe to say that apps are a huge part of our digital landscape. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you probably use at least three apps a day. We’ve dedicated our energy toward understanding the apps that make people tick — and learning how to monetize their excitement.


The Answers Network has accumulated billions of views since its creation. At its peak, we saw 10 million users per month.


Not only did we take advantage of mobile apps to create the Answers Network, we also optimized all of our sites to be extremely mobile friendly, making us experts in the mobile web landscape.


We've become masters of ad placement to maximize revenue for content heavy sites like the Answers Network. Our sites have made as much as $70 thousand in one day.

In its heyday, The Answers Network aggregated over 10 million users per month and served over 200 million advertising impressions, making it one of the 200 largest web properties in the world.

The Answers Network is a conglomeration of sites that help people discover, use and play with new apps. Our sites received over 10 million users a month during the mobile game heights and generated over 200 million ad impressions. By optimizing our sites for SEO value, ad placement, and content, we were able to generate thousands of dollars a day in revenue.

With minimal maintenance, the Answers Network has continued to generate revenue for Omada Digital since 2009. It has allowed us the freedom to pursue passion projects, work for charities, and experiment in the digital landscape.

It has also helped us achieve greater SEO dominance with new sites. Because so many of our Answers Network sites have high page ranks and domain authority, new and related sites can be linked out. This has helped us rank for a variety of other new websites, including Pokemon World.

The arrival of Pokemon Go signaled a shift in the AR/VR World. Omada Digital created a go-to resource for the innovative game.

Omada Digital’s keen interest in the advancement of technology and how it affects our lives means that Pokemon Go captured our attention from the get-go. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality increasingly appear to be the future of technology, communication, and connection. Gaming may be, initially, the most profitable aspect of AR and VR, but the future promises wider use.

Pokemon Go has already created a new wave of truly social gaming. Unlike other mobile apps and other online gaming options, Pokemon Go has put users out into the world and helped them interact in meaningful ways. It’s also avoided much of the ugliness that can come with more competitive online games.

Pokemon Go offers its users a new way to experience the world. Rather than separating gaming and the ‘real world’, Pokemon Go brings the two together.

The arrival of Pokemon Go signals a broader readiness for the use of Augmented Reality in day-to-day life. Omada Digital is ready to be at the forefront of AR in education and innovation.

Visit the Answers Network here.

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