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Disaster Claim

Wehen Hurricane Sandy devasted the East Coast and FEMA underpaid the people hurt, Omada Digital stepped in to help with Disaster Claim.

Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern coast in 2012, it caused an unforeseen amount of damage, especially on the northern half of the coast. The storm cost over $70 million in repairs, damages, and rescues, making it the second most costly hurricane in US history. Hurricane Sandy especially decimated the New York and New Jersey area, one that does not frequently see powerful hurricanes.

Many homeowners affected by this storm carried flood insurance policies backed by FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. After the storm, FEMA agents were sent out en masse to assess the damage and create recommendations for recompensation.


Disaster Claim offers you the best way to prevent an emergency. If there is an emergency that can't be prevented, like severe weather, we'll help you be prepared for the worst.


Omada Digital has a relationship with a number of law firms that work to get you the money you need after a disaster. If you think you need representation, we can help you find the best team for your specific situation.


We've got an eye on all insurance companies in the US. If you're not sure where to start, we have basic information about who needs what kind of insurance and how much you should be spending to stay safe.

Disaster Claim brings the news in one convenient place, with all the information you need to stay safe. We’ll get you the details for returns, exchanges, recompensation, and, most importantly, your safety.

In late 2015, whistleblowers discovered and told the press that FEMA had severely underpaid homeowners for the damage done by Hurricane Sandy. FEMA then reopened a claims review process for homeowners who felt that they were unfairly stiffed. Unfortunately, opening a claim was expensive and difficult.

Omada Digital teamed up with Weisbrod Matteis & Copley Law Firm to help people who could not afford the process of getting their proper payouts from FEMA. After helping hundreds of people make connections with lawyers who will fight for their rightful compensation, we pivoted to offer coverage of disasters and major recalls and how to proceed when you have been affected.

Since Hurricane Sandy, we have been keeping our eyes and ears open for the news that matters to you. Disaster Claim brings it all together in one convenient place, with all the information you need to stay safe. We’ll get you the details for returns, exchanges, recompensation, and, most importantly, your safety.

Disaster Claim has been keeping an eye on the major recalls, disasters, and insurance issues since 2015. We’ll help you find out how, when, and where to file a claim.

Disaster Claim covered the major Volkswagen car recall, a variety of food and toy recalls, and more. Our coverage includes how to repair or return damaged goods, how to get compensated, and news on which items are affected by recalls. We’re looking out for you.

Not sure what kind of insurance you need? Disaster Claim can help with that too. We know how strange insurance can get (you need home insurance and flood insurance?), and we’re here to give you the details.

Disaster Claim works with you to show you the best auto, home, renters, property, and health insurance options. If you’ve got a question about what you need, we’ve got you covered. Visit Disaster Claim today.

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