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omada digital app development

Mobile App Development

Through the years, Omada Digital has stuck to the idea of constant expansion and innovation. It’s this philosophy that led us to mobile app development.

With the boom of mobile everything, we saw a chance to not only spread our creative wings, but also discover the varying reach of different apps. We employed predictive analytics, basic design sense, and addictive enthusiasm to shape our games and apps into pocket-sized bites of entertainment.


By focussing in on the gaming market, we've developed plethora of challenging and exciting games. From trivia to tap, we have experience in developing any type of gaming app.


We believe one of the greatest aspects of mobile apps is their social pull. Our work with Floorboard and Clink are great examples of how mobile apps can can create wonderful connections.


Apps aren't just about fun and being social, they can also serve as great tools. Lumo Lights and Steer Safe are great examples of how apps can make our lives more efficient and safe.

Develop your idea into the app of your dreams with Omada Digital.

With the rise of picture solving games such 100 Pics and 4 Pics 1 Work, Omada Digital first plunged into the deep waters of mobile apps by creating similar picture phrase games. PicSanity, PicSizzle, and Emoji Holidays were some of our first forays into the gaming world. We took the already popular word and picture trivia template, and added our own twist to create an exciting challenge.

Some of our apps spawned off of our already successful websites. Our 4 Pics 1 Word Answers and Guess the Emoji Answers apps brought players the answers they were in search of without having to search Google on their mobile browser.

As the mobile gaming industry shifted from trivia to simple but near impossible games, so did our app development strategy. With games such as Flappy Bird laying the foundation, we created Fly Suicide. This game involved a player shooing away a fly. Despite its utterly basic gameplay, Fly Suicide proved to be one of the app store’s most challenging plays.

Omada Digital isn’t limited to games though. Lumo Lights was an app created to control your at-home lights with your phone, which would act as a remote. The remote enabled a user to turn on, dim and change your lights’ colors. In turn, this would help an individual save on their energy.

Omada Digital has also seen how apps changed the way we interact with each other socially. With Floorboard, we aimed to provide college students an outlet for them to meet their dorm mates in a more isolated manner. Clink came from a simple idea of wanting to grab a drink with friends. From that, we developed an app that would message friends and let them know you wanted to hit the bar.

In addition to our own in-house team, Omada Digital works with teams from Italy and Pakistan to further their developmental work. We also specialize in monetization of concepts and apps. If you would like to work with us in an app capacity, please reach us at our contact page.

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