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omada digital product / project management

Project Management

Omada Digital has been working with a number of onshore and offshore teams since its inception. As such, we have become experts at project management and keeping your product or website in touch with its deadlines.

Omada Digital works with teams based in the United States, Italy, and Pakistan for its in-house and consulting projects. Before releasing any aspect of a project to one of our trusted teams, we work with the client to define the basic business and functional requirements with the help of user stories.

We’ll work with you to create the analysis of upcoming work, requirements you’ll need to specify, and new functionalities you may not have anticipated. With Omada Digital’s project management, no changes will be left to chance.


Omada Digital works with you to create documentation surrounding the changes you'd like to make and the ideas you're creating. Every aspect of your desired product will be covered.


Along the way, we'll test your product until it breaks -- then we'll test it some more. Our thorough testing will ensure that your product is everything it needs to be.


We'll keep your project on pace with a series of two week sprints. Each sprint will involve a full check in. If any feature is behind, we'll spot it immediately and get it back on track.

Stay on time, on budget, and on task. Omada Digital’s project management works for corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re looking for help with a project that will only take two weeks, one that will last years, or with a project that you can’t even plot out yet, our project management skills are sure to come in handy.

With the help of our PMs and our teams of coders, writers, and creators, we’ve worked to move an entire site from WordPress to native HTML and PHP pages, created a freelance job destination and more.

Omada Digital will help you institute an agile workflow that includes two week sprint cycles to keep everyone on track. With the help of User Acceptance Testing, system integration testing, and unit testing, you’ll be certain to be happy with the final product.

Every change is tested thoroughly and delivered on time with Omada Digital. Developers, Quality Assurers, and clients will all be happy with the deliverable product when you take advantage of Omada Digital’s project management team.

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