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omada digital - rebates pharmacy discounts

We relaunched and rebranded in 2014 to make prescription drugs affordable for all Americans nationwide. If a patient is uninsured or underinsured, can save them up to 75% off prescription costs.

The newly rebranded website offers thousands of coupons for virtually every drug on the market. An all-purpose Pharmacy Discount Card is also available for savings on prescription, over-the-counter, and even pet medications. Coupons and discounts will work at nearly any pharmacy in the US. Just print, email, mail, or text the prescription discount and bring it to the pharmacy to start saving.

Omada Digital and Rebates hacked into an old-fashioned and costly system to get the best drug prices for consumers. Prescription drug prices are not just controlled by big pharmaceutical companies, despite how much blame they get.

The combination of pharmaceutical companies, middlemen called Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), and the pharmacies themselves decide the cost of your prescription. This cost varies day to day and hour to hour.

PBMs are primarily a part of the prescription medication business because of their database of drug interactions — an important database to have when many Americans take more than one prescription medication. However, this database also allows them to take a cut of profits in addition to your pharmacy and your insurance, increasing your co-pay.

Cutting out even one of these companies can drastically decrease your co-pay. And that’s what Rebates does.

No Insurance Required

With Rebates, you don't need insurance to save money on your prescription medication. In fact, our discounts have saved uninsured and underinsured patients millions.

Up to 75% Off

With Rebates, you can save up to 75% off your prescription medication. We offer discounts on every prescription medication, in every pharmacy.

Featured Deals

Rebates also offers deals on a variety of other products in our featured deals section. Our focus started on health and beauty products but is expanding rapidly.

Our aim is to make medicine accessible to all Americans nationwide.There is no reason to overpay for your prescriptions.

We cut out the insurance, taking a much smaller cut than insurance or PBMs usually would, decreasing the amount you pay at the pharmacy.

When PBMs work with Rebates, they get a larger cut of the profits than they would with an insurance company. But since we get significantly less than an insurance company, the savings are passed on to consumers.

Rebates won’t always be able to provide the best prices — sometimes your insurance copay will be less than the Rebates price. However, many drugs are consistently cheaper with Rebates and others will be cheaper depending on the day and the pharmacy.

Your pharmacist may not want to check the prices for you. This is because every time a pharmacy checks a drug price, it costs them one dollar. They are required to check these prices, though. You will be missing out on savings if they don’t check.

In addition to coupons and discounts, offers a comprehensive database of medications with easy-to-understand information on each drug. Details about drugs classes and conditions help users understand their medical ailments and prescriptions.’s mission is to help patients feel better about their wallets and their health. is an approved e-advertiser member of the National Association Boards of Pharmacy, an organization aimed at protecting public health. It is completely free to use and does not require any personal information. Search to find a specific brand or generic drug coupon or simply print out the free pharmacy discount card to start saving today.

Visit Rebates today.

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