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omada digital SEM

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Since inception, Omada Digital has focused on SEM expertise.

In 2010, Omada Digital was a leader in creating online donation entities for a variety of political fundraisers in Washington, D.C. With Omada Digital’s help, our clients shattered a number of online fundraising records.

After sharing our expertise in the political scenes of D.C., Omada Digital began creating a portfolio containing over 250 websites, with a large focus paid search traffic and monetization. With our vast knowledge of SEM techniques, including extensive keyword research and a mastery of pay-per-click strategies, we were able to have hundreds of websites reach the top search results.

Quality Content

We produce high-quality content for all our websites with credibility, relevancy, and engagement top-of-mind. This thorough content strategy helps us secure a high rank in search results.

Conversion Oriented

Our entire network is optimized towards specific conversion goals, whether it be ad impressions, pageviews, or signups. Every optimization is data-driven and A/B tested to deliver the highest conversion rates.


We build paid search campaigns to optimize marketing spend, landing page experience, and generate greater ROI. Our complex bidding strategies are built upon algorithms based in user behavior and conversion goals.

Our SEM expertise has helped our network reach over 5 million monthly visitors. Learn how we can help you today.

Omada Digital frequently focused on mobile gaming trends during this time to gain a better understanding of how people use technology in their daily lives. As the smartphone becomes ubiquitous, games become phenomena and shape how people experience their days and their lives.

Omada Digital’s SEM knowledge has continued to strengthen our businesses, allowing us to reach nearly 6.5 million monthly visits globally. It has also given us the freedom to pursue other projects, like

The SEM expertise and techniques that we have acquired over the years have also been employed on Rebates. With our sound PPC methodology, Rebates has been able to reach the top search results for many prescription drugs, health conditions, and more. Not only have we become one of the top contenders in the industry, we have also helped over a million Americans combat high drug costs.

Omada Digital’s history of SEM give us the strategies we need to create a project while giving us the freedom to choose any project. Today, we’re focusing on finding projects that create change or are focused on education and lifestyle.

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