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omada digital steer safe driving app

Steer Safe

Omada Digital leveraged its understanding of the digital marketplace and our desire to help people to create Steer Safe, an app that helps prevent distracted driving.

After spending time learning how to create apps that could and did go viral, like PicSanity and Fly Suicide, we decided to use our knowledge to make something a little more good for the world.

According to a collection of studies, an estimated 660,000 daily drivers use their phones while behind the wheel. This number generates around 1.6 million accidents every year. That means that 1 out of every 4 car crashes is a result of distracted driving.

The numbers become even more alarming when you look at teen driving. From distracted teen driving, it is estimated that 11 teens die every day. In fact, it is said that up to 21% of fatal teen driving accidents came from phone and driving use.

To battle these shocking and outrageous stats, Omada Digital developed Steer Safe, the app that would combat the epidemic of distracted driving.

Steer Safe is an Android app that connects with your car’s Bluetooth to disable a phone’s keyboard while driving. When you download the app, it adds a keyboard to your phone’s main settings. By making this keyboard the main one used, you can block texting, searching or any other form of  typing while driving.


Steer Safe works with your in car Bluetooth to block your phone's keyboard. If your car does not have Bluetooth, you can connect with any headset.

Speed Activated

Steer Safe knows when you're moving over 5 MPH. It blocks the phone's keyboard once this speed has been reached. After going 30 seconds under 5 MPH, your keyboard will unlock itself.

Disabled Keyboard

By using Steer Safe's installed keyboard, you will be able to prevent texting while driving. The keyboard automatically disables while driving, only leaving you with emergency contacts.

Texting and driving is a thing of the past with Steer Safe. Keep yourself and your kids safe.

With the help of your phone’s GPS, Steer Safe recognizes when a car is moving at speeds higher than 5 MPH. If your car doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can connect your phone to a Bluetooth headset while in the car to engage Steer Safe.

In addition, Steer Safe allows you to choose up to five emergency contacts. If, for any reason, you need to get into contact with someone while you’re driving, your five contacts will be displayed for easy access. Additionally, once you have been moving at least than 5 MPH for more than thirty seconds, your keyboard will unlock, allowing you to text once more.

Omada Digital built Steer Safe with parents in mind. The app offers a way to make sure that your teen is not driving unsafely. Stop texting and driving before it starts.

Omada Digital is currently offering Steer Safe for free to encourage more people to drive safely. We’d like to make the world a better and safer place — today, that starts on your local roads and highways.

You can learn more and download Steer Safe at its official site.

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